Moose Pix!

What's a Mooseyard home page without pictures of actual moose in the wild? Here are several moose pictures I recently downloaded from the Net (the INFO-MAC archive, to be specific.) These are JPEG images, about 30K apiece.

There are pictures of

Photographer's Notes

"I video taped some moose around my Alaskan home then took snapshots from the video tape. I then saved them as JPEG compressed picts. This was my first attempt to do this. I am giving them out free for anybody to use anyway they would like. The "Blue moose" was one frame of the video tape which must have caught the setting sun. It looked so strange I thought I would include it.

"These pictures where taking all within a mile of my house during March and April 1995."

Diane Bundy ( or
P.0. Box 4004
Soldotna, Alaska 99669 USA

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